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Microsoft .Net 2.0 (You will be prompted on install if you don't have it yet and taken here.)
Poker-site game windows must be at the default size.


FullAutoHoldem is designed to bring every advantage a pc can offer to your online holdem play (without cheating); the program is complete and feature full, yet snappy and fun to use.  While there are many features, and most are self explanatory, the one part you should be sure to know before actually using the program in a game is the Open Style Builder.

FullAutoHoldem has three primary windows (see below), the Main window (bottom right), the Log window (above the Main window), and the Data window (left of Main window).  Within the Main window and the Data window are tabbed sub-panels with features and options. 
First described are features from only the basic program and following this the optional component FALogicBot is described.

Main Program Features

See below how FullAutoHoldem maximizes the use of the screen providing easiest access to all useful decision making information.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot play at PokerStars

Press the 'alt' key and mouse click in the Log Window to stop scrolling during play so you can manually scroll/review it, alt-click again to resume logging.

Note: In these sample screen shots pixel blurring is used in a few areas to conceal online player identity.


Main Indicator Panel

The top half of the main program window is the Main Indicator Panel and remains visible as the tabs below may change.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Main Indicator Panel

The Main Indicator Panel again, this time showing preflop Pot Odds and an auto-call example.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Auto Pot Odds call

Start Tab

The bottom half of the screen has tabs to access other features and options.  The Start Tab is used to 'attach' FullAutoHoldem to your game. Double click on a game in the list to play that game. After manually assigning your seat the first time, your 'player name' will be used to find your seat automatically in future games.

Note: The poker site game window does not need to be in front of other windows for FullAutoHoldem to read it's pixels, but the game pixels can not be read if you minimize the game window in order to see your screen desktop; if you must see your desktop while in a game, take the program out of the game temporarily.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot start tab, attach to game


Odds Tab

The Odds Tab is the main tab of focus during play detailing all of our draw cards (outs), total outs and profitable call amounts. This example shows 16 outs and the chance of hitting a draw card on the turn is 16/47 or 34.04%; on the river there are 46 cards to draw from and a 34.78% chance, so it's worth calling a bet of up to about 1/3 the pot: pot=1475 + new bet of up to 786 = 2261 x 34.78% = 786 our max 'calc' call amount.

Above the odds tab's center status panel, the hands cards are shown again in sorted order with your hole cards outlined and cards in play highlighted, (in this case all cards are in play).

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Odds tab


Open Tab

The Open Tab shows a summary table of current pre-programmed Preflop bet decisions. The bottom level hole cards are weaker and require later positions to play. The 'c' column holds the preset blind call amount and the 'r' column holds the raise; the 'p' column can be 'E','M', or 'L' for early, middle and late positions.  The 'min' field shows which current levels are playable based on the minimum blinds needed (see Open Style Builder window below); in this case all 12 levels are playable.

Press the 'edit' button to adjust pre-programmed Preflop decisions in the Open Style Builder window

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Open tab


Open Style Builder

The Open Style Builder is an essential feature in the FullAutoHoldem program.  Here you preset all of your opening decisions ahead of time and have immediate reference to these winning decisions during the game.  As soon as your hole cards are read each hand, the information you have entered in this screen is referenced and your preset decision appears in the program's log window and in the main indicator panel's 'call' and 'raise' textboxes.  By following your own carefully pre-planned decisions you will make better decisions consistently and quickly, also allowing you to better play more than one game at a time.

This screen appears complicated but there are basically just 6 fields of information that may be repeated 12 times.  The most important 2 fields are the 'earliest position' and the 'playables for this level' fields.  Like the screen below says, put the strongest hands on top and in Early position;  it's basic poker, you need stronger hands in early position because there are more players after you who may raise the bet, forcing you to either fold or risk more money with a marginal hand.

To add hole cards to a level, select the hole cards from the 'starting hand' list on the right and press the '<-' button; to remove hole cards from a level, select the hole cards in that level with the mouse and then press the '->' button to the right of that level.

Use the 'call blinds,' 'open blinds,' raised blinds,' and 're-raised blinds' columns to preset Preflop decisions for all of your called, opened, raised and reraised bets (your possible re-raise) for 12 different levels of holecard strength. The raised setting can be lower than the open setting so you can possibly fold a hand that you may have opened yourself if un-raised.  Raised Preflop bets that exceed your preset raised setting are still called, however, if your 'call blinds' setting for that holecard level are set to call more than your raised column setting.  For other bet rounds, preset/preprogrammed betting is accommodated through your matching bets saved in the bets database and FALogicBot provides 100% preset-bets for all game decisions.

For hands that are not normally playable in early position but may be played for cheap in the single-blind, check the 'sb call' option for that level. 

The 'Call Pot odds' option will make the preflop call whenever your holecards have a statistical percent chance of winning that is less than the amount you have to call, i.e.. there are many callers in already so your contribution is a small percent of the pot.  With 'Call Pot odds' checked, you will find a lot of your single-blind calls will be made based on pot odds criteria, because you have even less then a full blind left to contribute to the pot.

Different 'Open Styles' that are used automatically can be customized for a variety of game conditions:  Early, Middle or Late Position, Number of Players, Number of Blinds Left, and tournament or non-tourney play.  For each game situation you wish to handle uniquely, create a new style, give it a name and save it.  You may also start a new style by changing the name of a current one which makes a copy.  Assign styles to their specific game situations by pressing the 'use cur' button for that situation while the desired style is currently showing.

This style shown below, Open style example 1 with style named 'defaultTournLate,' has playables for all positions, (see the 'earlist pos' column) and can be used as a starting point when constructing your own styles, that is, you can use such a style for playing in any position.  The style shown below this, Open style example 2 with style named 'defaultTournEarly,' has playables only for early position and can be used in a tournament in early position.  Having a separate style for each position, i.e. Early, Late and Mid, gives more playable levels to configure and thus more play variation rather than having all positions accommodated for in just one style as in the Open style example 1.  For instance, in the style example 2, the level 1 playables from example 1 are split into two separate levels with different call/raise settings.  Also notice in example 2 that levels 7 though 12 are not set up for any betting, they are set as small blind calls only. 

For default, non short stack play we can create a separate style for each play position, and for short stack play there can also be a separate style for each play position for each 'blinds left' level from 20 on down.  The 'short player styles' accommodate all positions in one style as in example 1 above.


See below Open style example 1

See below Open style example 2

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Open Style Builder


Log Tab

The Log Tab allows changing the default name of the current log to something memorable for later reference. Logs with the default 'date-formatted' names may be auto-deleted as old logs as specified.

The 'site' tab shows the number of hands played and the average hole strength for each of the sites you play with FullAutoHoldem (totals updated on program startup only).

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Log tab FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Site log tab

Main Opts Tab

The Main Opts Tab has options for only the basic FullAutoHoldem program, (see below that optional program elements each have their own options tab).
Use stay on top to keep your eye on the game while doing other things like surfing the web.
Tabs follow action provides switching to the Open Tab on preflop to show which loaded style and play level our bet decision is based on; on flop the Odds Tab is focused again.
Since after registering for a tourney you are certain to have a seat, use autostart tourneys and FullAutoHoldem will 'attach' to the game automatically when the game window opens, (no need to click the game name listed on the 'Start Tab').
Playing 2 games on two monitors? FullAutoHoldem will move itself and the second game to the second monitor automatically.
Uncheck 'show log' and 'show data' for FullAutoHoldem to use less screen space.
Pressing the 'updates' buttons runs the separate Updater program and the help icon opens this file.

Note:  If you change the size of the main program window you can restore it to it's standard size by double clicking any bottom row tab; to return to an alternate window size, double click a bottom row tab again.

Also Note:  The size of the Poker Site game window must be left at it's default size for FullAutoHoldem to read it's pixels.  If you accidentally change the size of the game window, FullAutoHoldem will tell you to set the game window back to it's default size.   See the support page if you have trouble finding that option on the Poker Site menus.

See below how to set up for two game play.  When attaching a second instance of FullAutoHoldem to a game window, the second game window will be auto-positioned to below the first game window (or to the extended monitor if you have selected that option).  The first game window will always be put in the top left corner.  To access options that are not visible because the main window height is reduced, just double-click a tab for standard size, adjust the option and double click again to restore the alternate window size.

Out Opts Tab

The recommended maximum calc-call amount is always based on your number of outs, but if you want the recommended calc-call amount to not include outs for low flush draws, then set the minimum flush card you want in your hand here.  You may also drop over-card outs that are with your inside draw outs so you don't invest too much calling a non-premium inside draw.  When there is a pair on the board and you don't want it called your second pair, check that option.

Hands Tab

To the left of the main program window and within the data window is the tab for the hands log showing percent to win (based on 2 players), win/loss and hand# which links to hand action stored as webpages on your disk.


Player Data Tab

When the buttons to the left of the player name is green it means you have data on the player already from previous encounters; press any button to open up in the Player Stats window (see below).

The game stats use the standard strength of your hole cards based on two players to compute your high hand, low hand and average hand for the session.

Note:  To reset the amount in the 'won$' field to '0' double click in the textbox.

Click Tab

The 'Click' tab appears as a sub tab of the 'Opts' tab.

With Clicks on all game actions are done automatically based on your pre-set responses.  

When the green square with the 'C' in it is showing in the indicator panel it means the clicker is on.  To switch the clicker off and on, right-click in the indicator panel or go to 'click' tab and uncheck DoClicks.

It is usually necessary to add some extra delay to your automated click responses, otherwise the play may seem unnaturally quick to other players.  The only time you would not have some extra delay is if you have a slow computer.  Another reason to add extra delay is to give yourself more time to intervene on-the-fly by quickly turning off the clicker and manually overriding a preset bet decision.

To return to another program after folded or checking, enter the title of that program window into the 'to app' textbox.  Press the 'to app' button to test the title you have entered, that program should be switched to.  To add some delay before returning to the 'to app', use the 'wait sec' numeric control. 

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Click Options tab

dbBot Tab

The 'dbBot Tab' tab appears as a sub tab of the 'Opts' tab and the 'bets' tab appears in the Data Window to the left of the Main program window

The more you play the more custom automation is achieved as your bets database is filled with winning bet decisions for playback. Bet matching for playback is based on saving enough information about each bet decision you make, so that given the same information again you would make the same decision again.

Your database can be loaded in a few ways: by recording all of your actions while playing; by merging bets from friends who are also using FullAutoHoldem (and their play is good enough); or by using FALogicBot to make default decisions that may be selectively customized on the fly before being inserted into the database.

Your preflop bets will start playing back first as they only need to match two cards and there are a lot more preflop bets played and inserted into the database. Next the preflop re-raise (second round) bets will also start matching. The quicker you load your database, the quicker you have more automated responses for playback.

When experimenting with your Preset Open Styles and game play in general, you may accumulate bets in your database that are not as solid as those in your current presets, maybe you have made too many loose calls for example, check the use preset option to always use the Open Style preset bets for preflop, this way the more solid bets will be played and inserted to the db (overwriting the loose calls).

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot Database Options tab


Bet Match Tab

You decide how closely your previously recorded betting decision must match the present situation for automated playback. Use the 'match' tab to set the minimum fitting percentage among six primary betting criteria (see below).

See below the text fields in the top left corner are fields that must match for a bet to be played back: the game state, the cards (optimized), the betting round (# of raises), and the number of players all in. 

The next group of fields to the right are fields we may set a minimum required match for bet playback.  The top row shows the betting criteria we are matching to and just below that is our closest match in the database.  The top row is editable so you may experiment with your min fit% criteria by editing the 'cur' lookup and pressing the 'requery' button to see the results change.

Extra bet information is also stored (other player data) for future development of more advanced second level matching i.e. when there are first level matching ties.

Bet Match Tab2

In this example the 'min fit %' for the bankB (number of blinds left in your bank) is grayed out. This is because we are in a non-tourney game and have set the option that bank matching is not needed for qualified playback; so the bank can be anything, but the closest match will still be used.


Bet Stats Tab

The bets 'stats' tab includes bet database statistics and also db options to select which database of stored bets to playback for each type of game.

The top row of statistics shows the number of bets stored in your database, (for program efficiency the 'stored' bets row is only updated on program start).

The 'cur lookups' and 'cur hits' always indicate the percent playback we are getting from the db, as the database grows the percent of automated payback also grows. Here we see our playback came from the database 120 out of 312 times, over 1/3 of the time.


Bet Edit Tab

The third bet tab is the 'edit' tab. This tab shows the bet information being stored into the db for future playback. If you make bets you don't like, simply delete them, or adjust them.

Lookup a bet by clicking it's 'insert link' in the log window while playing, or paste the 'bet-time' key from a log file (see below) into the textbox and 'find' the bet.
While playing, alt-click in the Log Window to stop it from scrolling so you can manually scroll/review it, alt-click again to continue logging.

If you want to review or edit bets stored in your last game played, press the 'last bet' button to lookup the last bet stored in the database; start from here and scroll backwards with the '<-' button.



The FullAutoHoldem Updater is a separate program which when run from the main program checks the web server for new versions and downloads them. 

Note:  The main program will never attempt to go online, so you should not worry about the possibility of your game information being shared with other players.  Only the separate Updater.exe program will attempt go online when you tell it to.

The 'Tools Tab' (see below) provides database utilities, (compact/repair) which can be run when the main program is closed.

Part II Optional Component


When installed the 'logic' tab appears within the Opts tab

Only FALogicBot can provide initial %100 automated play by having a conservative preset winning response for every bet decision; you record over this initial betting canvas as you choose, and as you play you are building your own custom SuperBot!

FALogicBot displays a reason for every decision both in the logs and in the Odds tab panel.  These explanations are abbreviated for program efficiency but are not difficult to follow as they are usually just an emphasis of key game parameters also being logged such as hand strength, threats on board, position, etc.

The decisions in FALogicBot have been built from extensive game play and are designed for low risk and possibly unattended/semi-unattended play.  FALogicbot's suggested responses can always be tailored on the fly by turning off the clicker (right-click in the Main Indicator panel).  You may want to add some delay to FALogicbot's response time to give yourself more time to review the automated response and possibly turn off the clicker to adjust; 'extra delay' is set on the Click tab.

As FullAutoHoldem is further developed, focus will remain on strengthening FALogicbot's overall winning game play and adding more user options.

Within FALogicBot play there are programmed bluff/semi-bluff opportunities, use the 'bluffLevel' setting to increase or decrease the likelihood of making a bluff in those situations based on the number of players in the pot.

FullAutoHoldem Pokerbot LogicBot Options Tab










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